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CFP: Lesbian Lives Conference 2013

15-16th February 2013, at the University of Brighton, UK. Hosted by University of Brighton LGBT and Queer Life Research Hubin conjunction with Women’s Studies Centre, University College Dublin

The theme for the 20th Annual Lesbian Lives Conference is The Modern Lesbian. Conference convenors of this two-day international and interdisciplinary conference now welcome proposals from academics, scholars, students, activists, documentary and film-makers, writers and artists. This year’s keynote speakers and guests include: Sarah Schulman, Lisa Downing, a book launch of Laura Doan’s Disturbing Practices: History, Sexuality and Women’s Experience of Modern War, 1914-18, Rachel Adams (The Modern Lesbian photography project), plus special screening/panels from the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation).

Proposals are welcomed on (though are by no means limited to) the following:
The Modern Lesbian?
lesbians and (post-)modernism
lesbians and The New Woman 
•      lesbians in the history of sexuality 
lesbians and modernity
lesbian mobilities, migrations, movements and diasporas 
Age, aging, generation gaps, lifecourses and has'bians 
Bisexuals, bi-queers, and other (post-)moderns 
modern transitions, trans modernities, Trans people 
gender violence/s 
lesbians (and) technologies 
Modern media 
Modern lifestyles 
lesbians and surrealism 
lesbians, fashion and fashion statements
Feminism and Eugenics 
Political campaigns and communities 
(emerging) communities, identities, labels and transgressions 
(traditional) weddings, (serial) marriages 
pets, animals and other non-humans 
lesbians, sex, reproduction and bed death 
the lesbian detective 
lesbian pulp 
queer temporalities, futures and futurism 
queering surrealism

The conference organisers welcome proposals for (A) individual papers, (B) sessions, (C) round table discussions, (D) workshops and (E) visual presentations or performances. (*see below for more details) This year’s conference also includes a series of film screenings, which will run concurrently with the main programme. We encourage submissions across all genres, both fact and fiction which align to the conference theme, and which have been produced within the last two years.The Lesbian Lives Conference is open to all genders and any political and sexual orientations. There is an ethos of welcome and accessibility.
E-mail proposals of no more than 300 words to LGBTQ(a)

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