vendredi 23 mars 2012

Save the Women's Library

The Board of Governors of the London Metropolitan University have decided to 'to seek new homes for The Women’s Library and Trades Union Congress Library Collections'.
Please support the growing movement of protest at the threat to two extremely important archives and circulate the information as widely as possible.

Unison writes: 
'Social justice, the strides towards equality and the campaigns fought by those unwilling to accept injustice lie at the heart of these collections and they have given our students a real opportunity to engage with these movements and personal histories. These special collections truly emphasized the now seemingly lost intention of London Met Uni’s original aims to widen participation and to promote social justice by offering our students these truly unique resources.
The dedicated staff at both Libraries – who were not involved in these decisions in any way, despite seeking input into the reviews that lead to this decision – will now look to the future. We still believe in the value of the stories documented and want to thank everyone who has supported us so far.' 

For an exciting recent project see

For the Women's Library official statement go to:

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