lundi 11 juin 2012

Women and Knowledge in the Mediterranean

Women and Knowledge in the Mediterranean, edited by Fatima Sadiqi, is being published by Routledge in hardback as a part of a newly created series called Routledge Advances in Mediterranean Studies. Here is the link for a pre-order.
The book contains an introduction by the editor and four parts enclosing 14 chapters: women and written knowledge; women and oral knowledge; women, legal, religious and economic knowledge; and women and media knowledge. Here are the chapters and authors’ names: 

-“A Skeptical Cast of Mind” by Marjorie Lightman” 
- “Women and Knowledge in Italy and Venice During the Early Modern Period” by Paola Malpezzi 
-“Seven Francophone Mediterranean Women Writers Speak Out Inside and Outside” by Evelyne Accad 
-“Moroccan Women Authors of French Expression: Feminine Voices of “la Littérature-Monde” in the Age of Globalization” by Valérie Orlondo 
- “The Necessity of Having it Both Ways: Tradition, Modernity, and Experience in the Works of Hélé Béji” by Mary Barnard 
-“Textual Orality and Knowledge of Illiterate Women. The Textual Performance of Jewish Women in Morocco” by Joseph Chetrit 
- “Berber Women’s Oral Knowledge” by Fatima Sadiqi 
-“Morocco’s 2004 Family Code Moudawana: Improving Access to Justice for Women” by Leila Hanafi and Christine Pratt 
-“Women’s Access to Legal Knowledge: The Case of Palestinian Women’s NGOs in Israel” by Liat Kozma 
- “Women and Religious Knowledge: Focus on Muslim Women Preachers” by Moha Ennaji 
-“Women and Reproductive Knowledge in the Mediterranean” by Rachel Newcomb 
-“Contextulaizing the Gender Representation in Cyprus Television” by Mary Koutselini and Sofia Agathangelou 
-“Gender and Political Engagement: A Role For The Media in Malta” by Carmen Sammut 
-“Stepping Out: Women Blogging in Their Discontents” by Marlyn Tadros

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