mardi 21 février 2012

Thinking Through Time and History in Feminism

Registration is now open for the Birkbeck Institute for Social Research Colloquium Thinking Through Time and History in Feminism

BISR Colloquium: Thinking Through Time and History in Feminism
Friday 23rd March 9am-7.30pm.
Birkbeck College, 30 Russell Sq, Room 101.
£20 Standard rate/£15 concessionary rate (includes coffee/tea, lunch, and wine reception)
Keynote Speakers: Rebecca Coleman (Sociology, Lancaster University) & Lynne Segal (Psychosocial Studies, Birkbeck)

There has been an emergent call within the field of gender and feminist studies to consider themes that might be broadly situated under the umbrella term of “temporality”. Nostalgic and apocalyptic narratives of feminism abound in both popular culture and academic writing, with feminism’s death or out-datedness being the dominant narrative. Countering these narratives is crucially about unravelling the logic that makes them viable as well as interrupting their production. Explorations of alternative narratives have productively emerged from work in the field of collective and personal memory, new technologies as they impact feminist organising, and creative activism and archival practices. There is a continued political need to explore alternative mechanisms of telling feminist time, alternative relationships to be forged with the recent and historical past and alternative means for considering how feminism might forge a future for itself both in and out of the academy.
This colloquium aims to provide the opportunity for an interdisciplinary, creative and exploratory approach to time and history in feminism.

Organisers: Carly Guest and Sam McBean – contact them at bisrcolloquium2012

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